Eleftherios was involved with running since he was 14. Since then he has ran 28 Marathons and 18 Ultra Marathons with greatest distance ever ran from Delphi to Athens (170 km) in the time of 20h: 33’ : 14’’ on 11-12 April 1998.


His personal record in the Marathon is 2h: 41’ :08’’ since 1994. Eleftherios has won the Attikos Dromos (80 km) in 10April 1993 covering the distance in the time of 6h: 03’ :36’’. He is determined to brake the 2h: 30’ in the Marathon and his plans include the completion of the international Spartathlon race. The distance of Spartathlon race is 243,6 km ( Athens - Sparta ) and is to be considered one of the most difficult Ultra Marathons of the world.