Eleftherios Argyropoulos graduated from Northeastern University (Boston, USA) receiving his diploma in mathematics on 10th of September 2002. He finished his studies in less than 3 years, when the regular period of studies was 5 years, even though he faced enormous financial problems.

Eleftherios had applied for scholarship in Northeastern University many times exposing his achievements in mathematics and other fields but he never received financial aid from Northeastern, because he was an international student. Moreover, few weeks before his graduation delivered 3 research works in mathematics in order to receive his diploma and even though these papers included a proof of Fermat’s last theorem for the even exponents, the graders of the university gave to him B instead of A. Eleftherios says that he was obligated to deliver only one research work, but instead he delivered 3. The other two were the generalization of Napoleon’s Theorem and the discovery of a new formula for the evaluation of determinants of square matrices. It is very sad that one of the professors suggested to grade him with C, but the worst of all was that they made him pay 2157,00 US dollars for his discoveries. Since when the discoverer must pay for his discoveries? The most important of all is that the professor who graded Eleftherios could not even conceive his writings !!! Also. Northeastern University imposed to Eleftherios a fine of $800,00, because he was late on a previous payment, when he was in Greece trying to find the money to pay them. Eleftherios has suffered a lot from this kind of treatment on behalf of Northeastern University, without knowing what is the reason of this behavior against him.