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In his second book (The mathematical decoding of the Hellenic language) Eleftherios presents the lexarithmic extraction of all powers of pi and phi with exponents ranging from -1 to 6. He also exposes his theory for the ascension of Jesus Christ, that his material body has transformed into high energy photons (gamma photons).

Η Μαθηματική Αποκωδικοποίησις της Ελληνικής Γλώσσης

In the first chapter Eleftherios gives for the first time the definition of the lexarithmic rules for any isopsephia between words, phrases and logical sentences. Moreover, he presents a lexarithmic confirmation of the fact that the Hellenic language knows the laws of nuclear physics and quantum mechanics. In the last chapter, he presents some lexarithmic examples examining the possibility of the predictability of the Hellenic language. This book consists from 314 pages and it was published on December 2001.

Eleftherios Argyropoulos