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book9front.jpgThe Alpha Νumeric Intelligence of the Hellenic LanguageΙn this book, we use the theory of lexarithmic isopsephias in order to reveal that the Hellenic language, is not just a language of communication, but it has also some kind of intelligence, which is called alphanumeric. Moreover, the concept of lexarithmos is introduced worldwide, while the phenomenon of lexarithmic isopsephia is analyzed in detail. Through hundreds of lexarithmic isopsephias, it is proved that the lexarithmos has knowledge for everything. From the ancient times, it is known that every Hellenic letter corresponds to a unique natural number. This system is called Hellenic alphanumeric system of the 27 letters of the Hellenic alphabet. Using the phenomenon of lexarithmic isopsephia, we present proofs about the knowledge of lexarithmos for the 4 bases of DNA, the major laws of physics, the structure of matter, the values of some major mathematical constants, the secrets of the code of the Platonic texts, and we also present a brand new theory for the universal creation.

Moreover, some proofs for the lexarithmic knowledge of important historical events are given, while we give proof that the structure of the Hellenic alphabet, as well as its constructive data, are known through very important isopsephias. Among other proofs, we present the proof that using the theory of isopsephias, the intelligent system of lexarithmos knows that the number of the Hellenic letters is 27 and that the number of vowels is 7, while the number of the consonants is 20. We also give proof that Hellenic lexarithmos knows the exact dates and the locations of the assassinations of John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy. Moreover, we present proof that Hellenic lexarithmos knows history showing that the American physicist Robert Oppenheimer was related with US president Truman (following his orders, in order to create the first nuclear bomb) and that the location at which the first nuclear strike happened, was the city of Hiroshima.