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Η Αρμονία της Ιεράς Γεωμετρίας Print E-mail

In this book, we reveal the harmony of sacred geometry and the code of Plato through lexarithmos. Through a plethora of lexarithmic isopsephias, it is proved that lexarithmos has knowledge for everything. We present proofs about the knowledge of lexarithmoi for the fact that the code of Plato, which was discovered by professor of the history of science Jay kennedy on 2010, is based on the number 12. Also, we give the lexarithmic proof for the fact that Hellenic logos knows the mystical geometric structure of Parthenon and the Great Pyramid of Ghiza. Moreover, we reveal that the key of the harmonic construction of everything is the golden number phi, φ = 1.618... . Finally, we present new lexarithmic data concerning the ancient Greek geometers and we give the proof that the Antikythera mechanism was a global Hellenic position receiver GPS.